Welcome to my tiny software page, targeted at max msp & jitter users.
If you do not know what that is, this page might not be of much use to you, but you can always head over to cycling74 to see what tools i am working with.

Currently here are two things to download:
First the external h.jit.homography for proper perspective correction for setups where the keystone adjustment of the beamer fails to do the job. And since i have done that already quite often in different situations, i thought i could start sharing. It has been tested by some fellow nerds from the cycling forum and should work on both windows and mac.

And the second download is h.lines; more of a jitter-recipe: A visual approach that i used heavily for my „grump“-video. Technically it´s neither new nor spectacular, but it might be a good starting point for your own experimentation.


h.jit.homography windows
h.jit.homography mac

– download the appropriate version for your system and unzip it
– you may want to copy the external somewhere to your max searchpath
– on windows: copy the included cv110.dll and cxcore110.dll to your max application path (that is where your „max.exe“ is)
– open the helpfile and see how it´s used
– consider liking me on facebook
– consider buying music from an artist you like
– spread happiness

kudos to jean-marc pelletier, the author of the amazing library. without looking at his library projects and his code i would  not have been able to set up my own external project and use opencv within. visit him at



It´s a mix of mesh generation and flowfield techniques. I have tried to clean the patch and added a few notes and explanations inside. Here is a quick screenshot of what it does, to see it in full blown action head over to the grump video. Hope you like it.

top left is the source image h.lines

requirements: xray.jit.cellcoords from Wesley Smith
– download the file and unzip it
– download Wesley´s xray library and put it where max can find it
– open h.lines.maxpat
– fool around with the settings, the formula, the everything

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