Anschwellen Abschwellen

head engineer, motor control and sensor system for Volkmar Klien´s performance Apparatus „Anschwellen Abschwellen“. A slightly elevated and imposing neo-gothic clock occupies the center of a space ticking steadily … (Volkmar Klien) presented @ Ars Electronica 2019, Out of the Box

House of History

Multi-projector setup in the entry area to the museum.Interactive media stations.Media Content editing. Project partner: cat-xExhibition Design: BWM-ArchitektenGraphic Design: Fuhrer, Wien

Wien wird WOW

Game development in Unity. Implementation of three edutainment stations exhibiting the hurdles and opportunities of city planning. Developed with Unity in cooperation with cat-x and 7reasons.Exhibition design lichtwitz-leinfellner.


Game development in Unity. Implementation of the children’s book Asagan (by Wolfgang Hartl and Erika Friedl) as a game and learning app for iPhone and Android.


Media- and projection technology for a 360° projection, permanent exhibition Schloß EsterhazyExhibition Design: Büro BauerWith cat-x.


Sound, animations, electronics and programming of an interactive touchwall for the Lower Austrian Regional Exhibition 2017, with cat-x and Bianca Tschaikner.

Ambras Animations

Animating and projecting a historical mural of Ferdinand II @ the Ambras Castle.With cat-x, exhibition design Gerhard Veigel.

VR Walker

Game-development in Unity. The Virtual Reality App features an architectural model of the new OAMTC building, you have to find your way from the roof to the center of the building through several portals in a given time. Your bounty is a big flyby over the whole building. With Georg Eckmayr.

Sonic Monuments

Technical direction and artistic assistance for Volkmar Kliens Sonic Monuments to the Splendour of Civil Engineering in Austria– A contribution to homeland sound topography In a generous gesture Volkmar Klien extends an invitation to the environment to be reflected in the noises he radiates …  Presented at 14/06/2013–06/01/2014 / Kleiner Barockkeller, Stift Melk, Melk, A


metamusic, developed by the artists‘ group alien productions in collaboration with the zoologists and animal keepers of the ARGE Papageienschutz, centers its attention on grey parrots. It aims to develop interactive sound installations and electronic instruments for animals held in captivity. I built and installed some of the musical instruments for parrots on the roof of the OK Linz, with cat-x. metamusic was …