buried, not dead yet

So i am buried beneath a heap of work/dayjob related challenges, nothing massively spectacular but everything at once, as it quite regularly happens in my line of work. Lots of short movies to edit, interfaces to program, lions to tame [did you know that OS X Lion does not turn on your vga monitor if no digital monitor is attached? Me neither, and nor did apple support. For a blank screen i would not have needed a computer at all].

But necessities is still alive, quite so, and for relaxation purposes i devoted my sparetime to grump. i have decided that i could easily squeeze a second video out of the material that georg recorded for gloom, with a different visual approach. so i refurbished some of my jitter-patches, mostly line graphics and video feedbacks, going for a cloudy and drifting look that quite neatly fits the “make-elephants-tap-dance”-approach of grump.

I think i have again managed to land on the dark side, but it seems that my tiny pearls of happiness are shining brighter against a dark background.