Three in a row – drawing vienna

Three drawings in a week, thanks to the help from Andreas and Petra.



Going out

First outside drawing at the Werk in Vienna. Thanks to Stizz for making it possible, thanks to Leo Schatzl for letting me draw on the sauna.

Not sure if it will survive the weather, though – it´s ink, after all,  fixed with acrylic firnis. I am still on the hunt for waterproof ink that will spray through my inkhead.


My first ever cover song – Original by George Gershwin, from the movie „Porgy and Bess“, because i wanted to sing and this seemed easy. I had to change the lyrics though…
Hat-tip to Flo „the hamster conspiracy“ Prix for the guitars and to for the mix´n´master.


Have a nice day, have a nice life, it´s all gonna turn out wonderful, even if,


[spoiler [but this is my site, so i can spoiler]]

yes, i did like the idea of a helplessly dangling male that neatly fits the tone and lyrics of the song.
and yes, i did like the idea of torturing my friend for a music video.
but the final push to show the ugly side of adam by hanging him upside down and shooting a portrait-style music video was a comment from one of the PR-guys on the goatmen´s upcoming album: after their first photo shoot a few weeks ago, he actually said something along the lines of „don´t put your portraits on the cover, nobody wants to see the old guys who make this music..“

true story.

so here we are, redefining ourselves, starting our rock´n´roll careers at 40plus, rocking the world while our backs hurt, and then this ? never underestimate the creative power of our collective midlife crises, and if necessary, we gonna buy leather jackets and dig out our old western boots!

[signed, the old farts]

so here it is: my video for the goatmen´s „this time it´s for real“



and some pictures from the shooting with flo „master of rotation“ prix, adam „dangling vox“ swiczinsky and me at the camera. all pictures by lena doppel. thanks you guys.