Oh, it´s a batman

Batman has undergone some profound changes, again painted on corrugated cardboard, 100cmx150cm.



Again, thanks to Georg Eckmayr for some of the photos.

The Crash-Pilot flies

Now in color: The newest high-flyer in the current series is „Der Bruchpilot“ (german for crash-pilot), ink on canvas overpainted with carmine-red shellac, 100cm x 150cm.

A very friendly albeit clumsy guy.

Thanks to Georg Eckmayr for the title-photo.


Der Träumer

Voilá, the Dreamer in big, also cardboard with aluminium frame.



Hermes flies

Haven´t been updating in a while, sorry for that. In the meantime Hermes #1 has seen the light of day, he is 100cm x 150cm big, painted on corrugated cardboard and mounted on an aluminium frame.