six portraits and a song

Well, song. It´s actually a sketch that i just finished. Hons says it should be named „The Waltz of Life“, which i think clearly steps over the thin line between the german word pathetisch and the english pathetic; the lyrics (the muttering in the background) say something like „did it end in tragedy for it began in lust ?“, which is also not completely free of over-emotional attitudes; and i want to dedicate this to the two friends of mine who are about to give up, and i hope not, which is also.

[hons, the tearjerker, is back again]


The portraits are the result of using the spaghetti-method that i mentioned in my last post on terrains built from photos, and i am quite happy with the result. About 50×70 centimeters in size, drawn on black paper by my bot, takes about an hour each (except the last one, which is only A4 in size on white paper). The process is still only half-automated, i’m thinking about it. Maybe i can go somewhere like „throw a picture at it, make auto-art, bot starts drawing“. Get rid of the artist.