sonably onite

Everything about this is a quick shot, even the title: leftover words that I had lying around on my harddrive from one of my markov chain text wrangling sessions – does not mean anything as far as I know, but a title was needed.

The music is a sketch that I made for pieces matter – a different version evolved to be the main theme for Lieves performance. And the video is an experiment that I , ehm, experimented, having too much time on my hand while travelling to my brothers home and family by train. A seven hours ride, enough for filming, cutting, color correction. Final touches on the way back.

So if you want to watch me watching the countryside between the place where I live and the place I was born, well, you are welcome:



And yes, I am a little proud that I managed to listen to myself [see my last post], and no, it didn’t hurt.