is it art if it didn’t hurt ?

In my artistic projects i tend to go full circle, taking the complete threesixty in the classic hero’s journey from an inner call to action via a stop at the dark night of the soul [where i usually hang out for a while] and eventually coming out at the other end freed, transformed and with a piece of art that is at least as valuable as the amount of suffering i put into it.

In short: I tend to overcomplicate things.

So i was very much relieved when two things happened that did not hurt at all:

First, Georg approached me with a beautiful left over animation from the gloom video that he did not want to go unnoticed – if i could make some sounds for it, who knows what it´s for. And so i did – who knows what it’s for.



And then Flo „The Hamster Conspiracy“, who is currently working on a new album with „The Bunny Situation“ (yes !) was in the need of a video-quickie to get his piano miniature online. The task was simple: He only wanted a spectrogram running and i was not allowed to spend more than two hours with the visualization.
Ok, it took me three, but here we go:

Head over to the The Bunny Situation, and if you like it, like it.

[And in the meantime i will try to learn from this, cause it’s much less pain if it doesn’t hurt]