pieces matter

Lieve De Pourcq //
Pieces Matter
Premiere at imagetanz 2012
March 16 and 17, 2012, 8pm
brutstätte, Zieglergasse 25, 1070 Vienna




I am making the music for „pieces matter“, a performance by my fellow artist, dancer and choreographer Lieve de Pourcq. Very happy to work with her again, me is.
And since i am currently quite busy reworking the main theme shortly before the premiere i think i just share what Lieve says, couldn´t say it better anyway.

„Sticking holes in paper, shedding light in the dark, stars appear“ Lieve De Pourcq

And here´s the invitation:

Lieve De Pourcq’s new performance Pieces Matter is a playful attempt to appropriate pictures, to break them down into their individual parts, and to place oneself into unexpected contexts in this process. The artist draws on a cornucopia of imagery and photographic material that either existed previously or was created especially for the performance. This material combines into a fictive, historical sequence during the 30-minute show. Equipped with an overhead projector, a video projector, and a slide projector, she transforms the material into poetic shapes or grotesque monsters confronting the audience. The projection methods reveal how much everyday perception of reality is formed by auxiliary devices. Lieve De Pourcq breaks with the unquestioned habit of completely trusting in the world’s pictorial representation in her performance. In doing so she instead formulates an expectation towards life and reality which is inconsistent and must continuously adapt to the conditions of its creation.

PS: Lieve De Pourcq adds with her work a new facet to the festival title imagetanz that has remained unfathomable thus far.

Concept: Lieve De Pourcq; Choreography and Performance: Lieve De Pourcq; Music: hons; Visual support: Klaas Verpoest; Production: Joachim Kapuy; Co-produced by: Imagetanz/brut Wien; Supported by: Cultural Department of the city of Vienna MA7; STUK kunstencentrum, Leuven; ’t ARSENAAL, Mechelen; and Figurentheater DE MAAN, Mechelen. Thanks to Paul Contryn, Domenico Giustino, Willem Verheyden, Markus Taxacher, Leslie Mannes.

Ticket reservation is already available at brut wien.
Tadaa. See you there.