loony tunes

[back from india i am in the process of properly chewing, swallowing and digesting my amazement, so it will eventually come out as wisdom at the other end. and since i trust my subconscious mind to do this while i sleep, i had time to browse through my bucket-o-fragments, where i found this algorithmic text – actually on my birthday. fitting, funny, and if it does not make sense to you, i’ll explain how it came to be below]

me, sitting at the beach with with:

me fear
me wisdom
me love
me loony
and me sleeping youth

‚oh dear,‘ said the fear , ‚youth had died away, ‚reshaped to nothingness by a string of accidents too long to be any lesson to me.‘

’surprise ?‘, asked a little sharp bark just beside my head impatiently, ‚fear should know that knowledge can be ignorant.‘

i hesitated for some time without interrupting.

‚though i must indeed confess that our circle became smaller.‘ , the wisdom continued, not awaiting any answer. ‚but the ideals of consummate loveliness and wisdom are to come out to reconsider the regulations of non – existence‘

‚.. to reconsider the regulations of non – existence‘, echoed the love, her eyes getting thin,
‚ you can love, love generates will, generate will, you exist‘

‚remember the simple rules birth had taught you‘, the loony interrupted in a moment that it thought to be wise, ‚grant me harmony, dream up futures, those weren’t fantasies, we do not understand what space means.‘

‚in the hope of enlightening your ignorance‘,  youth was awakening and throwing in the next wisdom, ‚it said: grant me futures, dream up harmony, and if we do not understand what space means, we still have fantasies‘

splash ! he was such a dear little puppy it was always irritating hearing his grave voice. but his restrictions and regulations tend to form a beautiful harmonious something, and wandering among those i was always surprised to note vivacity and cheerfulness, so i nodded.

‚restrictions and regulations may be accepted as a compass in most states‘, wisdom was reading my thoughts, ‚but who is the court, and who are the jurymen ?‘

‚the most blind and benighted ones‘, i abused the opportunity for letting my thoughts escape. there were some attempts at applause, but then a chilling cry drilled through my brain:

‚- – oh dear ! ‚ , the fear screaming blue murder, ‚ you carry your affected simplicity too far‘

‚that is how i came here‘, i let fall the forbidden terms.


Most of my lyrics and attempts at poetry are in some way or the other drawn from input texts, either via cutup techniques or via algorithmic collages based on statistical analysis. In this case the basis was a simple markov chain of words that i built by analyzing and mixing two complete books: Lewis Carroll’s „Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland“ and Edwin A. Abbot’s „Flatland:  A Romance of Many Dimensions“. The process is simple yet wonderful: First i build a dictionary of words that i find in those books, then i count the words (first level: how often does a specific word occur in those books), and then i look how high the chance is that a specific word occurs _after_ each other word. Continue as you like, but three levels are usually enough. Then i build a random text that reflects those statistical tables: Start with any word, choose the next word by looking in the table which words are actually possible (and by which chance), choose the next word by looking what words can come after those two, and so on. Let the algorithm run until it stops due to lack of further possibilities or until you have enough nonsense collected, sit and read, collect the pearls, sort and rearrange, and let your creation make you happy.