so this is happiness

After an exhausting 2 month period of doing-other-things-than-music, i finally had a good night sleep and enabled the shop at just minutes ago.
Immediately afterwards my head turned into a void and i cannot remember any of the clever things that i wanted to tell the world, but:

This is what i have been working on for the last year – this is a release!

Not only can you, my dearest fans and friendlings, buy the complete album in any digital format that you could possibly desire, or as a physical CD (though i only had a handful printed – you´d better be quick), you can also listen to the complete album here on my page, on bandcamp and on facebook. That´s 14 tracks, 50 minutes. That´s wonderful.

There are a few things that i have learned on the way. And since i like writing lists, here we go:

1) Your hopes will be tested.
My hopes are usually high (as are my fears), and the road i chose to get the album out was quite a ride. Every second step i took felt like a rock breaking away beneath me, the latest glitch being that i trusted the company that sold the CD envelopes to sell the right thing, only to find out that with this envelopes the mailing costs are enormous.

2) Everything will be ok in the end  – If it´s not ok, it´s not the end.
Ha! I knew it. Going to repackage the CD´s this afternoon.

3) Eat healthy food, thus two sheets of toilet paper will suffice.
This may sound a bit off topic, but it is my way of saying „Take care of yourself and less shit will happen“.

4)  If your head is a void and you cannot remember any of the clever things you wanted to say, you can always fall back to calender-motto style wisdoms, just as i did.

Thank you,