pain is inevitable [misery is optional]

Notes to myself:

The idea behind trying to publish an album was also to create a test bed for my slowly awakening social skills. Show the world what I do, and see if I can handle the feedback. This will require some changes on my side.

The thing with change is that it might hurt a bit, but avoiding change usually hurts much longer.

In short (To extract some wisdom from what I have recently smiled about on the ted forums):

Change is inevitable. Change brings pain. Pain can catalyze growth, and personal growth brings wisdom. Wisdom brings open-mindedness, open-mindedness brings empathy, and empathy connects us. Connection brings happiness.

Possible Conclusion: Todays Sunday afternoon misery might easily be connected to the fact that I am somewhat paralyzed by the amount of steps still required to finalize the publishing process (At least five more steps, oh my). And thus deferring change, and thus avoiding happiness.

Possible Solution: Choose the simplest task, make a step. It will hurt just a little bit.

Answer: Aye Aye Captain hons. Made the CD-Cover:


PS.: You may have seen the front cover already, it is the picture that Wiltrud Derschmidt has taken. The inside and back are fresh and new. Big thanks to Andreas Platzer who helped me with the final touches and color correctiones for the printing.