There has been a shooting

In my striving for worldwide fame, glory and unlimited wealth by making music (a very clever idea, if you ask me),  my friends and I decided that a music video would be one of the necessities to bring us there.

Since I already own a therapeutical lamp and a some black molton, we only had to borrow a camera, another lamp, and two tripods to pimp up my 9 million euro studio. And a couple rolls of duct tape.

Georg Eckmayr, who took it upon himself to do the directing and editing, suggested that for our first video we should go for an introductory portrait of hons, and what better song to choose than “gloom”. Ok, so it’s  not the typical hit song that you  would normally select for a music video, but it is, after all, a signature song for the king of gloom (that´s me, thank you for asking).

So with Wiltrud Derschmidt doing the makeup, my role as an actor made me the only non-professional on the set: It was my first appearance in front of the camera. And slightly nervous, me was.  But as it turns out, I have a poser living inside of me that jumped into action as soon as the camera ran, and as it also turned out – with only a few hours of professional makeup, lighting, lots of pictures to choose from and a little bit of photoshopping, I actually look gorgeous.


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