hello earthlings

yes, it is true. there is an album in the pipeline, all 14 tracks composed, recorded, produced, 12 of the tracks already mixed.

i am now in the process of publishing, and setting up this site is one step of the long road that lies ahead of me.

as a recording artist (that is: i don´t play live, not at present) going online is probably the best way to connect to my future fans.

i have a vague plan of the things that need to be done to actually get the album „out there“, and i created this blog to report about this process.

so this is for my fellow musicians to see how it is working out for me, so they can avoid the mistakes that i already made. and for my fans to see what i am doing and what is „behind the music“. and for you, because you are curious.

i invite you to follow me on this journey.